The Why ?

I just wanted to start somewhere, but there wasn't a lot of organizations when I started that were willing to help someone without a ton of capital. I decided I would create Canada's first home for hobbyists and professionals to come together and share information to help others succeed.
-Canna-dian Grow Coach
Keyboard and Mouse

Canna-dian Grow Coach

Hobbyist gone professional, Founder

I loved the idea of more in the cannabis industry and I wanted to start somewhere, so I started here. Connecting idea's, people and anything else to create something larger than myself. With passion in mind over profit I've started piecing all the free information I could and offered experts to showcase their talents in return to connect them with a larger network.


Anywhere, anytime

Because that's the world around us, the need and want for information at any given moment at our fingertips ... and green thumbs.


Get Inspired by Other That Entered The Legal Grow Market