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Finding Inspiration & Innovation in Every Turn

Craftcademy Cannabis Corp is an organically growing cannabis company navigating the cannabis industry through innovation and a promise of Superior Quality products. 

"Craft Experience, Experience Craft."

Our products offer unique experience's for our staple brand names,

we also offer our services to curate your own experience with processing, branding and drop shipping services for your products.

We intend to solve problems in the industry by using sustainable clean energy sources and investing in environmentally friendly processes to make up for the carbon footprint left behind when curating the highest quality craft cannabis.

We are constantly adapting to the future and innovating for the world of tomorrow.

We will be accepting Crypto Currency as a form of payment.


We believe in producing the finest, highest quality products, with attention to every detail.


Safe and compliant with all of Health Canada's requirements and a few of our own.


We're here to stay, with proven results, we offer the exact experience we intend to with each our products.


We're always improving, so we invest in the future of our company and set the standard for our partners.

Our Story

Craftcademy is a premium craft cannabis brand that offers more to the industry than just premium products, we offer the many experiences of craft, and the service to curate your own experiences with our Branding Partners Program. We believe there is much to experience, and with our experience we believe that you too can create your own unique experience for your brand. 

We are Craft growers, Entrepreneurs, and Explorers of the industry. Craftcademy was started on the dreams of creating a transparent, innovative and reputable brand that would put the experience of those we serve first.

Meet Our Team


Founder & CEO

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Anthonie Fallone


Head of Security

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Quality Control

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Marketing Lead

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Master Grower

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Nurse Practioner

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